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Wine Tasters' Comments, from the 2010 November 6th Event

Our group of gals gathered in Ashford from points near and far to share the beauty of location for your exceptional wine tasting event. We had a wonderful experience and several cases of new favorite wine followed us home. Thanks!
- Deena, Minneapolis, MN

"Great wine, people and dance! Especially enjoyed the conversations with the vitners and guests. Please keep me informed of your next event."
- Bob, Seattle, WA

"Great job! ...The wine-tasting was gracious, the wine was excellent, the food table was excellent: you guys are amazing! I was so impressed with the Elbow County Rough Riders! Not only did I enjoy dancing like a fool, but it was really nice to see so many well-behaved kids from the area enjoying themselves at such a nice dance."
- Judy

"We had a great time there last weekend... We fully intend to make this an annual event because we had so much fun at the wine tasting/dance, bought 5 bottles of wine and returned home relaxed and ready to face the world again (sort of!). Thanks again."
- Jane and Jack Archer

The November 6th Tasting

Wine Tasters' Comments, from the 2010 May 15th Event

"Congratulations to your staff, sponsors and wine makers for the fine wine tasting event on May 15th. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to taste the many fine artisan wines and meet the winemakers and vintners who produce them. "On the Road to Paradise" appears to have been a highly successful event and I hear you are planning a similar tasting on November 6th. I look forward to being there."
- Jack High,

"The wine tasting was fantastic. We enjoyed the opportunity to try some new wines and even came home with a couple bottles. As always we had a wonderful time and look forward to next year!"
- Tim and Staci Lindstrand

The May 15th Tasting